Becoming a Better You: University Edition

Have your students become more stressed and anxious in the new academic year? Why not make student wellbeing a priority? […]

How to improve your work-life with Yoga practice

Do you want to feel rejuvenated and cleansed each day? Are long days at the office getting too much for […]

How to deal with academic stress to become a better you

The gap between University and work can be quite daunting for students. You’re changing your routines and for some, leaving […]

YPAYP’s Wellbeing Initiatives

“Be the change you want to see in the world.“ This quote from Gandhi is probably one we’ve all heard […]

Best Places to Work

In the 21st century, the world of work has changed irrevocably. Things such as how we apply for jobs, how […]

My YPAYP Journey

It was so lovely to have been awarded a Santander Scholarship from the company Your People Are Your Power after […]

Fun Activities to Promote Workplace Wellbeing

The workplace can sometimes be seen as structured and mundane. Is it time for a change? Why not make the […]

The Brain Science of Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice has a long history of medical benefits for routine practitioners. It has been gaining popularity with over 500 […]

The UK’s £92 Billion Productivity Loss!


YPAYP Supports TEDx University of Strathclyde

As part of our mission to find ways to give back to the next generation, we were honoured to be […]

Graduating In The Pandemic

Graduate season is coming up again, and it’s more anxiety ridden than normal. The past two years for graduates have […]

Your People Are Your Power Partner with Code Your Future

Company director, Gina Buckney, was delighted to host the Code Your Future event in encouraging their students to stay motivated in times […]

The Jenga Effect Of Staff Burnout

Did you know your company performs best when employee wellbeing and mental health are a priority?  Employee burnout is an […]

Mental Heath Tsunami On The Rise

Did you know almost over a quarter of adults who were in lockdown have experienced loneliness?  The Mental Health Foundation […]

YPAYP Partner with University of Chester for Inspiring Futures Programme

Article written by India Campbell-Hall After the successful commencement of the Santander Scholarship Programme, which aims to help students develop […]

How To Achieve the Four P’s Through Mindfulness and Meditation Practice

How to achieve the 4P’s through Mindfulness and Meditation practice Your People are Your Power promote the ‘4P’S’, consisting of Positivity, […]

Inspiration From Entrepreneurs: The Power of Mindfulness Meditation and Journaling

Mindfulness, Meditation and Journaling has become a significant source of relief to those that struggle with mental health issues. It […]

The Mental Health Struggle of the Pandemic

The Pandemic has been a cause of increasing mental health issues across the globe. It has given many of us […]


In times like these, we all need a boost of energy and inspiration, and here at YPAYP, we love to […]

YPAYP awarded Santander Project Placement Scholarships on behalf of The University of Chester

Following the successful work we have done with The University of Chester, which resulted in hiring students and graduates as […]

Has the Pandemic affected your work-life balance?

The past twelve months have been testing for us all, but what has changed the most is how we spend […]

Feeling like a Caged Animal stuck at home? Unleash some life back into remote team working!

Are you and your teams missing out on those lunchtime catch-ups, after-work drinks, or coffee shop chats?  Not to worry, […]


We can’t help but feel elated as the reality sets in that our MD, and Director of Wellbeing, Gina Buckney, […]

How Lockdown Changes Your Brain

Do you want to know how your brain has changed during lockdown?  Studies conducted on people who have experienced isolation […]

New Appointment

In a world full of data, we all need an interpreter, right?. So in comes Ylenia Marano to our team. […]

How Forcing A Smile Actually Makes You Happier

If you woke up this morning not feeling your usual happy self, then I have a simple technique that can […]

IQ vs EQ – Is EQ starting to hold more weight in the Boardroom?

Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) just as important as IQ when it comes to who you have around the board room […]

What Can Gratitude Bring to the Workplace and are UK Corporates Behind the Curve?

People are getting better and better at delivering consistent, reliable results at work, allowing companies to reach incredible heights. But […]

How Meditation can Rewire Your Brain and Help You Develop Super Resilient Teams

In or out of the workplace, meditation and mindfulness help you make the most of all that grey matter. Some […]

Why reaching for a pen and paper can improve your Mental and Physical Health

The art of journaling helps put things in perspective, gives you the chance to resolve internal conflicts, and makes for […]

Planning a Safe, Successful Return to the Office

You might have PPE ordered and social distancing plans ready, but have you checked the pulse of the people in […]

Remote working post COVID – What Corporate Leaders & Managers should consider

According to Deliotte, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 2.7 billion people, or more than four out […]

Meditation/Mindfulness at Work

Meditation & Mindfulness at Work When we are at work, especially in a fast-paced, high-stress environment, we tend to think […]