Daily Mindfulness Journal

Do you live an incredibly hectic life? Are you pulled one way, then the next, without much of an opportunity to set the tone for your day or reflect? It can be hard to focus or decompress if we don’t give ourselves the time. Journaling is a fantastic way to come to terms with any intentions, thoughts, or feelings, spur on your creative mind, and help you heal — from both mental and physical stress or trauma. During a challenging time in my life, I discovered Journaling and found the benefits to be incredible. I tried several journals, all helpful in their own right, but some lacked what others had, so I decided to create my own, using the best practices I found most valuable.
The art of journaling helps put things in perspective, gives you the chance to resolve internal conflicts, and makes for a stronger, healthier you.

Some of the proven benefits of Journaling are :

  • Being mindful and increasing the ability to live in the present moment
  • Being able to enjoy the day with reduced worry and stress
  • Increased levels of happiness as you have a clear vision and purpose for how you want your day to go.
  • Increased productivity and creativity
  • Keeping your thoughts organised
  • Ability to self-analyse what makes you feel good and happy
  • Boosts memory and comprehension
  • Strengthens your self-discipline
  • Better use of your time as you will focus more on the things you intended
  • Increased self-confidence as Journaling is proven to have a positive impact on the brain and the release of endorphins.

A snapshot of what you can find in the journal