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Our People Performance & Wellbeing Programs

The A Player Program

Designed to create outstanding individuals from your emerging talent and high performers pool.

The Power Skills Program

A unique set of Soft Skills redefined and reimagined; designed to help employees thrive in today's working world.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Program

Designed to create emotionally intelligent leaders in your workplace.

Workplace Solutions

Workplace STRESS, ABSENTEEISM, and ATTRITION have been on a rising trajectory for the last seven years, making it harder and more costly for businesses to survive.
Here at Your People Power, we have studied the science of what makes for productive, thriving workplaces and identified solutions to help you create deeper connections to power up your people.Talk to us today; we are here to help.

We Specialise In Workplace Performance & Wellbeing

Empower your business with our expertise. Reach out to our team today and discover how we can seamlessly transform your organizational challenges into lucrative solutions. Unleash the potential of your enterprise while nurturing your most valuable asset – your people.

Our Core Services

We help you improve your working environment through our people performance and workplace wellbeing solutions.

We help organizations deliver long-term transformational and cultural change to stay ahead of the competition.

Through implementing workplace solutions to attract and retain top talent whilst re-energizing and protecting the current workforce.
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Motivational & Educational Speaking

Book our Global Transformation Director and TEDx Speaker, Gina Buckney, to deliver a keynote talk to your employees. Gina's speaking events are interactive and can be held virtually or in person. Her uplifting talks will inspire and motivate your teams and equip them with tools to be resilient in times of high pressure.

Workplace Wellbeing Programs

We all have a corporate responsibility to ensure that employees are in a healthy state of mind. And so, with the cost of workplace stress and sickness rising, it's time for a change. We must start to work smarter, not harder. We offer virtual or face-to-face solution-driven programs containing exercises proven at Harvard Medical School.

The Next Generation

As well as helping many global corporations, we are passionate about investing energy into the next generation. We support many Universities through events and international internships, keeping our finger on the pulse with future talent and expectations. Our work features in the press, and we are fortunate to be working with Ivy League-level Universities.

Director & Board Consultancy

With two decades of experience working in high-pressure, high-demanding corporate environments and over a decade of personal wellbeing education and practice, our Director Gina shares expert advice to other leaders looking to gain a better balance in their personal lives. Unfortunately, there is a waiting list for this service—register interest.

Gina Maria Buckney Inspirational Female Speaker & Workplace Solutions Expert

About our Director

Our Director Gina has two decades’ experience leading significant transformational change for some of the most prominent organizations, with budgets of over £500m and teams of 450+ staff. She lived and breathed high-pressure, high-target environments that impacted her wellbeing and happiness. Now following her JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY, a decade of personal wellness experience, and Neuroscience education from Harvard, she’s on a mission to transform the industry with workplace solutions that MAKE LIFE BETTER AT WORK.

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Key Statistics

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0 Years Meditation & Mindfulness Experience

Self-Help Journals

Gina is also the author and creator of the series of Self-Help Journals entitled ' Journals For Life.' These journals all focus on helping people find more Peace, Positivity, Productivity, and Prosperity (The 4P's) in their lives. These are available globally on Amazon.
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Global Workplace Solutions for People Performance & Wellbeing

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