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Why is Workplace Motivation Important?

Our job is to help instil a level of drive, commitment and energy in your employees, so they do their best in role every day.

Without motivation, companies experience reduced productivity and lower output levels, and the company will likely fall short of reaching those all-important KPIs, targets, and objectives. Motivating employees with rewards and other benefits also grows a culture of innovation. When employees feel appreciated and supported by their organisation they have the headspace to be more creative and work at a better pace.

The statistics show –

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decrease in employee absenteeism with an increase in employee engagement.

0 %

of employees admit that recognition motivates them to work better.

0 %

of employees wish their workplace conducted employee engagement surveys more frequently.

Employee happiness and business success are linked for our clients

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Workplace Motivation Vs Workplace Wellbeing

So you might be wondering what’s more critical, workplace motivation or workplace wellbeing, and which gives the most significant return on investment (ROI). Take a read of our article on the ROI of Workplace Wellbeing.

And, a great source of information for workplace motivation can be found in this article – The Science Of Improving Motivation At Work.

But the simple answer is they go hand in hand: money is well spent in both camps, as one of the benefits of workplace wellbeing is that employees feel more cared for and, in turn, are more motivated. In the same way, more motivated employees feel a better sense of wellbeing.