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Hosted by Renowned TEDx and Global Speaker, Gina Maria Buckney.

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Public Speaking Masterclass

Master The Skill Of Public Speaking With A Public Speaking Online Workshop

Learn the best tools and techniques from an expert and you’ll take giant leaps toward in your career.
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Public Speaking Skills Are In High Demand

Check out these mind-blowing stats about public speaking. Is it holding you back or advancing you forward?

of the population fears public speaking


claim public speaking improved career opportunities


said public speaking helped develop critical thinking skills


Our Public Speaking Online Workshop

Are you tired of feeling overlooked and unheard in your professional life? Are you eager to break free from the limitations of self-doubt and unlock your true potential?

Look no further than our transformative Public Speaking Online Workshop. Designed to empower individuals like you, this workshop is the key to overcoming your biggest career challenges.

Led by the esteemed Gina Maria Buckney, a globally recognized TEDx Speaker, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to learn from an expert who has captivated audiences worldwide.

This Public Speaking Online Workshop Is For You If You

❌ Struggle to speak in public
❌ Fear speaking up in meetings
❌ Lack confidence in interviews
❌ Get shy and flustered when asked questions
❌ Or, generally struggle in a public or business setting
Public Speaking Online Workshop

Gain invaluable insights, master effective communication techniques, and leave equipped with a powerful toolkit and newfound confidence that will propel you towards success. Don’t let your fear hold you back any longer – join Gina today and embark on a journey of professional growth and achievement with our Public Speaking Online Workshop.

You Will Learn And Understand How To

✅ Increase your confidence
✅ Improve your personal power
✅ Calm your nervous system
✅ Increase your gravitas to get that promotion

1. Is the workshop in person or online?

This particular course is a public speaking online workshop and can be experienced in the comfort of your home, or location of choice. You will need a PC/Laptop and a quiet room.

2. How much does the workshop cost?

The price of this workshop is £66 per person. An early bird discount is available for people who purchase seats early.

3. What system is used for the video feed?

We use MS Teams to host our events. You will need to download the application. There is no cost to download as the free version of teams will allow you to join this workshop.

4. How long is the workshop?

The workshop is 1 hour.

5. What is the date for the next workshop?

The next workshop will take place on Wednesday 19th July, at 19:00-20:00 (BST).


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