Board Level 121 Personal Wellbeing Coaching


 Gina offers advice and coaching for C-Suite, or above Board Members on how to increase happiness levels through personal wellbeing analysis and techniques.

Interested? Taking applications now for Q3 2022, and Q4 2022.

Get in touch with Gina directly for more information. This service operates under NDA with the strictest level of privacy. All applications go direct to Gina at
Minimum requirements are - C-Suite, or above level. FTSE/NASDAQ, or eqivalent corporation.

Why Choose Gina

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    Corporate Background

    With almost twenty years of corporate leadership experience, and over a decade of Meditation, and Mindfulness experience, Gina is the perfect person to provide this advice. She has lived and breathed the challenges of critical deadlines, budgetary pressures, and demanding stakeholders.

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    Wellbeing Experience

    She also quickly realised in her climb to the top that life has to have balance and meaning to be happy in oneself, so over a decade ago, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery with Meditation, Mindfulness, and Reflection practices.

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    Balanced Life

    Over the years, these practices have enabled Gina to continue to succeed in her career and live a joyful and happy life at the same time.
    It’s a fine line to maintain that happiness when you love to work, and work is your priority.

How Gina Will Help You


Gina’s Four Pillar Mindset Teaching Will –

Help you understand why you are feeling off-balance
Help you analyse where the imbalance sits
Help you determine the reason why this is the case
Put positive steps and actions in place to restore balance

Gina is dedicated, tenacious, driven, and motivated. She makes the complex simple and excels in emotional intelligence, motivating and inspiring her teams.

Gary O’Connor – Senior Infrastructure Delivery Manager at Lloyds Banking Group

Lasting solutions to your problems

These solutions are not onerous

We understand more than most that a busy person needs quick, simple, practical methods, and our Director, Gina, has created a number of these to support a high stress, high pressured work life.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

All contracts operate under the strictest confidentiality, and under NDA to protect you.

Contact Gina (confidentially) today

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