Graduating In The Pandemic


Graduate season is coming up again, and it’s more anxiety ridden than normal. The past two years for graduates have been an even bigger struggle since we have been in the middle of a Pandemic. Employment prospects are anxiety ridden, and the dreams that you may have acquired at University become more unrealistic. But there are some positive parts, being more resilient and adaptable is key to not letting the pressure of employment and post-University to get you down. 

The world of Higher Education is competitive, but the graduate market is even more so. From attending the most prestigious Universities to getting top degree classifications, the meritocratic status of education creates a competitive environment for the students and employers. The Pandemic has eliminated more traditional ways of approaching the job market, but it doesn’t have to be final. There are different options open for you, as during this time it can give you more time to plan for your future.

For students the job market can be overwhelming, especially when there has been a reduction in the jobs they have been seeking throughout their academic career. Prospects’ Information Analyst Laura Greaves, comments:

‘it could be worth inspiring students to explore those industries that are thriving and identify how their skills can be transferred into other roles so they can build up their work experience and secure their desired job once the economy improves’. 

By creating a foundation of their employment experience and building on valuable skills in the sectors that are doing well in the Pandemic such as retail and healthcare can improve your employability down the line. It’s all about resilience and adaptability. 

Forbes Magazine (2020) suggests:

‘the Pandemic has left students in a state of limbo and has heightened their financial anxieties, physical and emotional health concerns, graduation disappointment, career uncertainty, and negative academic impact’.

The mental and physical impact on graduates is reflected in the state of the economy and its uncertain future in the current climate. Forbes Magazine (2020) further comments: ‘while unemployment rates have drastically increased in the light of recent events, people carry the mental weight of being unemployed and recently graduated’. The stigma of being an unemployed graduate holds an immense burden on the higher education the graduate has just gained, and on the individual as it can show that in some efforts their education has not been worth it. 

During the University of Chester’s Careers Event in 2020, former Alumni Gina Buckney was a keynote speaker and headline act. The University commented on Gina’s contribution:

‘Gina is incredibly passionate about helping others and enjoys sharing her knowledge with the next generation. As an entrepreneur she now works as an education and motivational speaker’.

Gina currently works with Universities all over the globe, from the University of Strathclyde, UK, to The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania in the USA. Gina helps to enable graduates and students to gain experience and an insight in to the job market and corporate/entrepreneur industry that Gina works within. 

At Your People Are Your Power, we are passionate about helping the next generation, especially working with Universities, to support the graduate communities, focusing on their growth, heart and minds. We support activities to motivate and inspire the students and graduates, but we also equip them with tools that they can use to build up resilience and prepare them as they move forth into the Corporate world of work’ – Gina Buckney.

If you are a student struggling with this period of life, or you are a University concerned about your students, then I would urge you to look into some motivational and wellbeing services. It really does help.

Written by -Rose Evans.


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