The Candy Crush Magic – King of Wellbeing and Workplace Design

King of Wellbeing and Workplace Design

King of Wellbeing and Workplace Design:

Have you heard of this little game called Candy Crush? It’s vibrant (beyond addictive) mobile game which my mum appears to adore. Wouldn’t you know it, its developer has one hell of a vibrant workspace and candy-crushing approaching to workplace wellbeing…. one could even say, they are the King of wellbeing and workplace design…. (I will see myself out)., a leading interactive entertainment company with a 20-year history, has not only earned acclaim for creating iconic games such as the Candy Crush franchise but has also taken significant strides in prioritising the wellbeing and mental health of its employees. Rooted in a mission to “Make the World Playful,” has cultivated a workplace culture that values curiosity, passion, respect, and love for both the games they create and the individuals who bring them to life.

Here’s a quote from our Director, Gina Buckney of her time working with King!

“Stepping into the office in Barcelona was an experience that sparked all the senses. As you walk into their vibrant office, you are immediately hit with vibrant colours and it feels somewhat you are in a computer game yourself, with giant sweets hanging from the ceiling and colour all over the walls, it’s captivating and you can’t help but feel inspired. What got me the most is the large outdoor open room terrace overlooking the sea – a place for headspace indeed.”

So, what makes King earn its place onto our Best Places to Work list?! Let’s find out if King is indeed the King of Wellbeing and Workplace Design!

King of Wellbeing and Workplace Design

Employee Benefits and Perks:

What makes a great place to work extends beyond the enchanting games they produce. The company recognises the importance of its people and, as a result, offers a range of benefits and perks aimed at creating a rewarding work environment. Competitive pay, profit-sharing plans, comprehensive medical insurance, and above-market median parental leave are just a few of the ways invests in the overall wellbeing of its employees and makes it an amazing place to work.

How many of you have to battle for time off between Christmas and the New Year with colleagues? Well, at King that is simply not a problem because the firm closes its offices between the 25th and the new year – meaning not having to book those holidays many months in advance, or not being able to book them at all.

Learning Opportunities and Career Development: values continuous learning and development, providing its employees with access to a dedicated platform called LEAP. This platform offers a plethora of courses, books, and resources, allowing individuals to enhance their skills and explore new interests. As part of Activision Blizzard, employees also have access to numerous career advancement opportunities, reinforcing’s commitment to fostering personal and professional growth.

King of Wellbeing and Workplace Design

King of Wellbeing and Workplace Design:

Open spaces, movable desks, jam boards, cosy nooks, and team rooms contribute to an atmosphere that encourages innovation. Given the nature of their work in making the world playful, the offices are equipped with ping pong tables, gaming zones, and relaxing spaces, providing employees with an ideal balance between work and play.

To further enhance the employee experience, offers the Royal Store, where employees can use tokens to acquire exclusive items such as earbuds or clothing. This not only adds a touch of fun to the workplace but also creates a sense of pride and camaraderie among employees.

King of Wellbeing and Workplace Design

Wellbeing and Community: acknowledges the vital connection between employee wellbeing and peak performance. The company offers on-site gyms or wellbeing allowances at its offices, emphasizing physical health. Moreover, has implemented the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and mental wellbeing platforms like AbleTo and Total Brain, demonstrating a commitment to supporting employees’ mental health. promotes a sense of community and connection among its employees through various employee networks. Whether participating in theatre trips, fitness classes, conversations on inclusion, or celebrating Pride, these networks bring people together and enrich the workplace culture. Passionate employees drive these initiatives, showcasing the collaborative and inclusive nature of’s workforce and making King of wellbeing and workplace design.

King of Wellbeing and Workplace Design – Final Thoughts:

So, is the King of Wellbeing and Workplace Design?! That is of course subjective, but if you are a creative individual who loves vibrant workspaces then this is the company for you!’s approach to employee wellbeing goes beyond conventional benefits, showcasing a genuine commitment to creating a workplace where individuals can thrive both personally and professionally.

By combining a playful culture with initiatives that support physical and mental health, not only continues to produce enchanting games but also ensures that its workforce remains at the heart of its success. As the company evolves under the umbrella of Microsoft, these initiatives underscore a continued dedication to making the world a more playful and fulfilling place for all, and indeed showcasing that King, is indeed the King of Wellbeing and Workplace Design.

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