National Stress Awareness Month 2023 – 8 Helpful Ways To Manage Stress

National Stress Awareness Month 2023

April is National Stress Awareness Month 2023, with the theme of ‘Looking After Yourself’. National Stress Awareness Month is dedicated to raising awareness about the causes and effects of stress on our physical and mental health. In 2023, as we continue to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our daily lives, the importance of managing stress has never been more critical.

Raising Awareness Of National Stress Awareness Month 2023

Stress is a normal part of life, and it can manifest in many forms. It can be caused by work, relationships, financial pressures, health concerns, and many other factors. While some level of stress is normal and even beneficial in helping us stay alert and motivated, chronic stress can have a profound impact on our health and well-being.

Studies have shown that chronic stress can lead to a wide range of physical and mental health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression, and more. In addition, chronic stress can also impact our immune system, making us more susceptible to infections and other illnesses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a perfect storm of stressors for many people. The fear and uncertainty surrounding the virus, coupled with the economic and social upheaval it has caused, have led to increased levels of stress and anxiety for many individuals. This has been particularly true for those who have lost loved ones, lost their jobs, or faced other significant challenges as a result of the pandemic. The importance of promoting this years National Stress Awareness Month 2023 is critically important to support our loved ones and colleagues.

“We must teach our people valuable power skills to not only thrive, but survive in today’s working world. Skills such as resilience and self-regulation to aid stress management”

Gina Buckney, Founder Your People Power

8 Ways To Manage Stress During And After National Stress Awareness Month 2023

In light of these challenges, it is more important than ever to prioritize stress management and self-care. Here are some tips and strategies for managing stress during National Stress Awareness Month and beyond:

  1. Identify your stress triggers: The first step in managing stress is identifying the sources of stress in your life. Keep a journal or make a list of the things that cause you the most stress, and then brainstorm ways to address those stressors.
  2. Practice relaxation techniques: Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and tai chi can all help to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. Try incorporating these techniques into your daily routine, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time.
  3. Get regular exercise: Exercise is one of the most effective ways to manage stress. Not only does it help to release feel-good endorphins, but it can also improve your overall physical health and help you to sleep better.
  4. Connect with others: Social support is critical for managing stress. Reach out to friends and family members for support, or consider joining a support group or seeking professional help if you are struggling with anxiety or depression.
  5. Take care of your physical health: Eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and avoiding drugs and alcohol can all help to reduce stress and promote overall well-being.
  6. Manage your time: Poor time management can lead to increased stress and anxiety. Make a schedule and prioritize the most important tasks, and then break larger tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  7. Practice self-care: Taking time for yourself is essential for managing stress. This can include activities such as reading, taking a bath, listening to music, or engaging in a hobby.
  8. Seek professional help: If you are struggling to manage stress on your own, consider seeking professional help. A therapist or counselor can help you to develop coping strategies and provide support as you navigate the challenges of life.

Making A Commitment To Look After Yourself

In conclusion, National Stress Awareness Month serves as an important reminder of the impact that stress can have on our physical and mental health. While stress is a normal part of life, chronic stress can have serious consequences if left unchecked. By taking steps to manage stress and prioritise self-care, we can improve our overall well-being and reduce the negative impact of stress on our lives. This April, make a commitment to managing stress and taking care of yourself, both now and in the future.

If you or your teams need help and support managing stress then contact our team today for workplace wellbeing education and support. We are here to help.

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