The Jenga Effect Of Staff Burnout

Staff Burnout

Did you know your company performs best when employee wellbeing and mental health are a priority? 

Employee burnout is an issue that spans across the globe and has a significant impact on workplace culture and productivityThe World Health Organisation understands employee burnout is increasing dramatically, and it is an occupational phenomenon. Keep your eyes peeled if you notice any of the following signs in yourself or your team regards to burnout –

  • Becoming cynical or critical at work
  • Struggling to start on a task
  • Irritability
  • Impatience with customers or clients
  • A zap of energy to be consistently productive
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Lack of acknowledgement or pride in achievements
  • A change in sleeping pattern or habits

A study showed that nearly two-thirds of full-time workers are dealing with burnout at some point while at work; this resulted in employees being almost three times more likely to start looking for a new job, and 50 per cent have missed at least one day. Find out more about the study here 

Factors that lead to employees struggling with burnout

The main culprits that lead to burnout were negative workplace culture, bad manager relationships and poor work-life balance.

How to help your team combat burnout

Encourage open communication to allow feedback when employees are struggling with juggling different tasks and workload. Could there be someone in the team who has fewer commitments and could offer a helping hand? Encourage employees to turn to their support network and seek mental health support such as counselling, meditation apps or talk to their GP.
Incorporate short bursts of relaxing stress-reducing activities into the workplace, such as breathing exercises, doing something active in the fresh air before or after work and practising Mindfulness exercises to establish a good sleep pattern for ultimate awareness. Yoga, meditation and journaling, are also a highly beneficial.

Here at YPAYP, we offer Staff Wellbeing and Motivational Services to help you navigate this mental health tsunami. Our Company Director Gina Buckney has two decades of experience working in face-paced, high demanding corporate cultures so is easily able to understand and relate to the issues you might be facing.

Why your team is like a game of Jenga

Think of your organisation like a tower of Jenga blocks; you need everyone in the team to be stable, so it doesn’t topple over and come crashing down; it only takes one absent Jenga block for everything to start to fall apart. That’s why it’s so important to check in on your employee wellbeing; if anyone is burned out or not feeling at their best, it will affect the stability of the entire company! 

Creating a positive work atmosphere and environment for staff can only bring on benefits. Suppose everyone is happy at work and their mental health is in a good position. In that case, the possibilities of reaching demanding KPIs and commitments to the City for shareholders becomes a much easier and enjoyable task. Checking in with everyone on the team is the secret to a thriving company. We here at YPAYP encourage a flourishing work culture environment, and we can help you transform your workplace into one of positive energy and focus. 

Get in touch with us today to transform your organisation’s culture into one that is focused, happy, and productive. Let us make your life easier, so you can concentrate on commitments rather than worrying about staff issues –

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