Could A Mindfulness Practice Better Enhance Your Life At Work?

Mindfulness Practice Gina Buckney features in Yours Magazine

We promote and encourage clients to adopt a mindfulness practice for healthy employees and happier workplaces. It’s a practice our Director, Gina Buckney, has adopted for over a decade to help her navigate the pressures and stress of a busy lifestyle and career expectations, so we were delighted to see the feature in the popular fortnightly magazine Yours. The magazine interviewed Gina to share her expertise and knowledge on the subject to help readers understand more about the practice.

Reduce 2023 stress with a mindfulness practice

As January can be a difficult month for many people following the highs of the festive period and for the employed, the extra long wait for the next wage to come through, we think the release of this article is perfect timing for people who might be struggling with stress, pressure or anxiety. 

“If you’re looking for a New Year resolution to improve your mental and physical health, making mindfulness a habit is a great option,” writes Lizzie Denning.

The science proves a regular mindfulness practice is a performance enhancing tool

As we at Your People Power have come to learn more about the scientific benefits through our studies and research with leading Universities in the US, we understand that adopting and embedding these activities into the workplace can have profound effects on employee wellbeing and, subsequently, performance, positively impacting bottom lines for those corporations who recognise this as a core capability.

” A Meditation Mindfulness Practice positively impacts the brain, and studies show that areas and structures of the brain transform through regular practice. These areas are responsible for memory and focus, so mindfulness can help preserve and improve memory and increase attention span and focus,” says Gina Buckney.

In the article, Gina also explains how to practice a simple mindfulness exercise whilst enjoying a cup of tea. 

Yours Magazine brings you support, advice and information on everything from health, fitness, recipes, holidays, relationships, money and much more. You can purchase your copy in local newsagents or online.

Learning more about mindfulness

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use mindfulness as a performance-enhancing tool for employees in your workplace, then contact our team today for a discussion on how we can help boost Your People Power.

If you’d like to put your people through an online course to help them maintain a healthy mind and mental wellness at work, then head over to our courses site to explore our range of courses available to purchase for your teams. Recharge and boost your people in The Power Bank.

Gina Buckney’s Daily Mindfulness Journals can be purchased online at


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